Saturday, August 29, 2009

Open the Door and Run!

Writing my grandmother's story has proven to be beneficial, not only for myself but my family. I am beginning to see we were not all familiar with her life. Many of my family members carry bits and pieces of stories or conversations they had with my grandmother throughtout her lifetime. Unfortunately, many of us, including myself, are so caught up with making ends meet or running in this rat race called life we forget to see the smaller and more important things around us. We forget to look at ourselves, our families, and surroundings. I love to read but there are many nights I get home and am lucky enough to cook a meal, sit down and eat with the family, wash dishes, sign paperwork, and go over anything I need to do the following day or look out for the rest of the week.

I tell my children day in and day out, it IS important to know all types of history. Everything has an origin. I witnessed my grandmother's void and how it affected her personally. She felt incomplete as her life gave her many downfalls but you would not have thought that by meeting her. She continued her strong faith in her religion and her family. Regardless of what she went through she had faith we would all succeed no matter what mistakes we made along the way. By researching everything about her, there are many similarities to her life and my own I am now beginning to see. I won't divulge any details at this point but for my friends that truly know me, definitely know I have had my share of downfalls. I wish I would have known a lot more of the things I know now about my grandmother to prove that I was not alone in my struggles. Like I tell everyone around me, "I'm not the first, nor will I be the last person to experience suffering, so don't pity me."

I think we need to pity ignorance. Don't get me wrong, ignorance not of people that do not have the knowledge. I am referring to the ingnorance we are all guilty of. Many of us have the tools and knowledge around us to understand each other, and our surroundings but we do not bother to go that extra mile to educate ourselves about anything outside our own circle. We need to step out of that circle to experience life, not seclude ourselves. I know I'm talking off the hip, and many people do not have the money to travel or be educated. I don't think that's true. I had no money and found a way to get my education and as far as traveling I along with other friends and family have traveled to different states in the U.S. and on my own went as far as Belize to visit different ruins in Quintana Roo and stay with friends along the way. Learn from others, read books, drive somewhere but don't stay put! Life is too short.

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